Frequently Asked Questions

What's the theme generator?

WPThemeGenerator is powerful tool that allows you to create your own themes and designs online by editing and combining more than 1000 pre-designed elements included in our gallery. You can also upload your own designs, and then save the themes (for later edition) or download them (unlimited versions). They will be ready for WordPress installations or available in HTML/CSS format. No CSS or HTML skills are required. Check all features here.

What's the price of this tool?

There are many different pricing options available for you, starting at just $29 for a 6 month subscription, which includes all the functionality and features available, such as unlimited downloads in WordPress or HTML versions, PSD sources of the gallery items and a full commercial license. You can also opt for a free version which allows you to save unlimited themes, but only download them in HTML/CSS version (no WordPress file). Take a look at all the pricing alternatives and choose the subscription that better suits your needs. We'd say the free account is OK for demo purposes, but if you're looking to create commercial websites, it's better to pay for the premium subscription in order to access the whole package of options available, as well as our complete customer support.

What are the license terms?

By purchasing the premium subscription, you will have commercial usage of the gallery items (including PSD). With the free subscription, you only have access to PNG versions for personal usage. The generated themes are licensed under GPL. However, design elements and CSS files are royalty free.

Can I save the themes I edit?

Yes, you can save your themes for later usage, as many themes as you need to and then download them at a later time (most download options are only available to premium users).

Can I upload my own designs?

Yes! You can upload your own designs by clicking the upload button. There are options to upload pattern, logos, divisors, backgrounds, shadows menus, etc.

Can I edit a saved theme?

Yes, once you save your themes, they are available for later editing.

Can I edit other users' themes?

You can edit all the public themes in our gallery. Once you create and save a theme, it is added to our theme gallery. You can decide whether it is public (available for other users to use or even download) or private (only you can use the content).

What's the gallery?

It is the database of all the themes that users have created and saved. There are public themes (available for other users) and private themes (only accessible by their creators). It also includes the thousands of design elements you can use to edit the themes, available for individual individually. New designs are added constantly, including their original source files in PSD format (premium users only).

What are the features of these themes?

The theme you download comes with all the features of our main framework. Here are some of them, but you can also check the entire list:

  • Dynamic widget areas creator (you will be able to create as many as you want, both horizontal or vertical, and add any widget to these areas)
  • Layout creator (combine the sidebars in order to create unlimited layouts and loads of columns or rows)
  • Bootstrap ready (you will be able to use all Bootstrap elements), 5 different slides
  • Testimonials page and services page (with categories)
  • Picture gallery with lightbox and categories
  • Product page with shopping cart
  • Spam-free contact form

We have a full documentation about the framework.

Can I add more sidebars or widget areas?

With our framework, you can mix 7 different combinations of layout possitions, and you will be able to create unlimited sidebars with our dynamic sidebar generator (both horizontal or vertical).

Is it updated with the latest version of WP?

Yes, theme you download is ALWAYS ready to be installed in latest version of WordPress, so you do not have to worry about your WP version.

What are the exclusive themes?

These are themes created by our designers, and are exclusively available to premium users only.

How can I download the themes?

To download your edited theme, you just have to click at the download link at the bottom of the right column. Then, you have to decide in which format you want to download the theme (WordPress or HTML/CSS). However, to download a WP version, you will have to become a premium subscriber first. To download items from the gallery, just click on each item's download button.

How often do you add items to the gallery?

We keep adding items frequently to keep things fresh, stay alert for any new updates.

What do I need to install the downloaded theme?

You need an installation of WordPress in your server, or you can download the theme as HTML/CSS and work on it as you wish.

Can I design totally custom themes?

Yes, you can add/upload your own patterns, backgrounds and all the elements of the design you want, they will be added to the Base Framework without losing any functionality. Then, you can download the whole theme with your new assets on it.

Can other users download the themes I create?

Yes, but only if you save your theme as public. You can still opt to save other designs as private if you haven't finished them or don't want anyone to see them and download them.

What about your customer support?

Our customer service is available for all our premium subscribers via Skype, email or chat. The team will be ready to assist with any specific issue you may have. Additionally, we have a full documentation about the framework.

Do you offer any money back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a one month money back guarantee. However, please note that you will lose your license for the downloaded themes.

Do you have an affiliate system?

Yes, please contact us to get more information about it.

If I design a theme using my own design elements, does it still have the complete functionality once downloaded?

Yes, once you add your own elements, they are included to our framework, so once downloaded it will still have all the functionalities of any other theme created with the tool.

Can I delete themes?

Of course, you can delete the themes you have saved at any point.

What's the Shock Bundle?

The Shock Bundle is the biggest bundle for designers you can find over the web. It's a collection of icons, themes, templates, logos, designs sets and a lot more, including some of the best design products such as Theme Generator, IconShock, WebDesignShock, ThemeShock, ByPeople, TemplateShock and more. You can get this entire collection for a neat discounted price.