Frequently Asked Questions


The themes generated on WPTG will be compatible with the latest WP versions?

Yes, the themes and components inside WPTG will always be automatically updated to work with the latest WordPress, so if you download a theme one year after created, it will currently integrate all the features from the current version of WordPress on the market.

What will happen to my themes after WP updates?

You don't need to fuss about any compatibility issue with your generated themes when a new version of WordPress arrives, because on WPTG the themes and components will always suit every new WordPress update and it will be all automated.

Can I save the themes that I create with the generator?

Of course, and not only that, but you can also access and edit them anytime if you're logged in your account, it doesn't matter if you're using Elementor, Divi, or any other popular web builder, we're totally compatible.

Can I download multiple themes on my account?

Sure, you can download all the themes that you want and also edit them anytime while logged in your account. You can use all our exportation capabilities on every single new theme that you create.

Can I download my themes using a free account?

Yes, with a free account you'll have access to the HTML of your themes, and once you become premium you'll be able to download the fully-fledge WordPress version, that you can easily export and edit to the WordPress customizer to your liking.

The themes generated on WPTG are compatible with common plugins?

Absolutely! You'll have full compatibility with the most used and popular widgets out there, including WooCommerce & Contact Form 7. Even more, if you have any concern about any plugin that you'd like to check on our tool, just contact us at, and we'll be happy to test.

Do I need to know how to handle coding to edit and create themes?

Not at all, you don't need any programming knowledge to enjoy the WPTG and create your own themes, just a little WordPress basics (installing a theme) and you"ll be more than ready. We also have a convenient Wizard tool and complete documentation to guide you through your first steps inside the generator.

How can I edit the themes that I create on the generator?

After creating a theme and installing it in your WordPress site you'll be able to edit it inside the WordPress Customizer, there you can change the texts, background images, logos, among other options and you don't need to worry about any issue, because the themes are always updated automatically to work swiftly on every new WordPress version.

How can I edit a single post inside a theme?

You can easily edit a single publication inside the 'Post' menu of WordPress, just as you normally do, not any additional steps. Also as HTML code you can customize and set up your theme inside your preferred platform or editor.

Can I export my themes to the HTML/CSS code?

Yes, you can export your themes to HTML/CSS (without any WordPress dependancy) in an organized folder, ready to execute on your browser. You can also download all the Dummy Content from the page to make it look exactly as on the WPTG.

Have the themes an organized CSS?

Yes, we have even a CSS stylesheet compiled with a SASS file, included in the downloadable folder in the WordPress theme as well as in the HTML file. If you download the static HTML page you'll find all its folders and organized sections, to customize with ease on any platform.

How many predesigned themes are on the generator?

Our number of prebuilt themes is always growing so you can check in real time how many themes we got just by taking a look at the counter on our homepage.

Does it works with Elementor?

Sure! We're fully compatible with Elementor's blocks structure, feel free to try our themes with zero risks of finding any issue or losing your information when exporting to another platform.

And the other builders? Divi, Gutenberg, etc?

No worries, we're totally compatible with other builders and platforms like Divi, Gutenberg & Site Origin. Inside the HTML version of our themes you'll find all the necesary folders and organized assets to integrate on any builder or platform that you like to use.

What about WooCommerce?

Totally in! The WP Theme Generator will integrate swiftly with the WooCommerce plugin and you'll be able to enjoy all of its features, guaranteed!


Who We are?

Creative Toolkit: We are the company behind ByPeople, Iconshock, Artify, OptimizeImages, and WpThemeGenerator
We are a team of designers, developers, and communication ninjas, that since 2016, strives to bring you quality assets and design products and deals ranging from big design bundles to special SaaS subscriptions, utilities, and software for graphic & web designers, webmasters, small business owners, programmers, and freelancers.

What payment options do you have?

With our safe and trustworthy payment gate you're free to easily choose between the service of PayPal or using your credit card.

Will the themes stop working once my license is over?

Not at all! All the themes that you were hardly working on will always work with no issues.

Will I have access to future updates & new themes?

Totally! As a premium user you'll be the first one on getting every new component, theme, or any single new that we upload.

How can I change my password?

You can change your password anytime, as many times as you need, just drop us a message at and we'll let you know how.

Do you offer permanent support?

Sure! You can reach us anytime at we're ready to respond at any concern that you have.


Can I resell the themes generated on WPTG?

We are always open to hearing from you. If you have any redistribution interest, please drop us a message at, and we'll study your particular case.

Can I use the generated themes in different locations and for different clients?

Yes, sure, you will be able to use the WPTG for multiple clients and locations. If you have any specific doubt, don't hesitate to contact us at

What's your refund policy?

We have a very comprehensive refund policy that will let you enjoy and test our tool during 15 days, if you wish to receive any additional information, please reach us at
Documentation WPTG

How to start creating with the Theme Generator

First time on the WordPress Theme Generator? Don't panic! Our handy Builder Assistant will guide you step-by-step to easily choose the best tailor-made theme for your site's concept.

First steps on your account

Immediately after login on your Theme Generator account, you'll be able to save and access all your themes. Find in the Navigation Bar all the necessary resources to start creating and setting up every single detail.

Some sections have their own settings and also the global configurations to modify e.g. the color, fonts (type & size), page width and the inclusion or not of a lateral bar.

Metadata configuration

In the navigation bar, over the bottom section, you'll find the Metadata Settings. You'll be able to modify the name of your theme and associate it with the URL of your website.

Add your author data if you want to be found by your theme's referencing. You can also include a little description of yours and a thumbnail to easily identify your theme inside the WordPress customizer.

Download your theme

Also at the bottom of the navigation bar, you can directly start downloading your theme, to use it on WordPress or as a static HTML page with folders and organized sections, to customize them with ease on any platform.

You can also download all the Dummy Content from the page to make it look exactly as on the Generator.

Download the Dummy Content

If you want to obtain the post's images and content samples you just need to do the following steps:

  • On the wpthemegenerator page you are currently working with, go to the download section at the bottom left of the customizer UI bar and click on WordPress to download your theme, and Save the files in a location you can easily find.

  • Unzip the downloaded file and inside the generated folder you will find the dummy content and the theme itself, both in separated folders

  • Go to your website's wordpress dashboard. Navigate to settings and click on Import.

  • Once in the importer section click on the Choose button and select the XML attached in the content sample folder inside the file you downloaded.

  • After that you will find a section with some import settings, just be sure to check the Download and import file attachments box, and click on submit for the import process to begin. This will allow you to import the posts structure with images and categories from the Theme content sample right into your wordpress page.