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Once you get the premium account you’ll have access to all our premium plugins, carefully developed and tested. These plugins are fullly functional and 100% compatible with any theme created using WPThemeGenerator. You can try the free version, and if you like it, don’t hesitate to get the full version and get all the awesome features.¬†Please check all theme generator features.

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Start Here! Create unlimited themes by changing, combining (or uploading) any design element of the theme, then you can save it for later edition and/or download it both in WordPress or HTML/CSS

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Changes can¬īt be saved, To save locally you have to prepare the permissions first, please change it here (you need to know your ftp credentials).

Sidebars Layout

Note: This is a demo, you can create as many sidebars you want with our dynamic sidebar creator, which is located in the dashboard (theme option panel). Watch video1, video2

You can upload your designs or even photos here, just keep in mind they should be png's.

In order to save, download or edit, you need to be in the home or blog interface. Go now.
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