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Create unlimited WordPress Themes

WP Theme Generator lets you create a wide variety of themes, from minimalist to maximalist, from arts to corporate and much more. You will have access to all our 300+ predesigned responsive themes. Take a look at some of the samples themes below. All these themes were created using our Online Tool. Launch it and start creating your theme!. and check the full features below.

A clean and simple website.

An events website with photo background

A two columns blog with slider animation

A vintage style full width intro page

A full width and dark photographic page

Nightly site with a fancy slider transition

A full width no sidebars transparent blog

A wood styles, left sidebar blog

Wooden homepage with a cool slider animation

A black colored full width e-commerce website

Colored full width page with accordion slider

A style food-wood and two columns

High contrast full width photography site

A clean an original full width landing page

Gray magazine with nice slider transition

A minimalistic magazine website

Dark and neon site with a single column

A minimalistic full width photography portfolio

Clean two column blog with no slider

A three columns grid based layout

Minimalistic blog with slider transition

A transparent-like posts photoblog

Minimalist metallic two column site

A pinterest like pinboard theme

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Add, change or combine any design element of your theme using our items gallery made up of more than 1000 pre-designed objects.

You can add, change, and combine any of the design elements of your base template including menus, backgrounds, shades, dividers, icons, buttons, boxes, fonts, sliders, frames, colors, shines, and patterns or textures, using a user-friendly and easy to use interface.

Fully functional shopping cart and WooComerce integration.

WP Theme Generator offers you many useful features that may be very helpful to boost up your business . Recently we've developed a fully functional shopping cart which you can use along with the products taxonomy. This functionality is implemented by default within the themes you create from now on, it stores the records of all the elements a certain user buys and has a nice interface in which they can manage the products within the basket. Additionally, all our themes work perfectly with WooCoomerce plugin.

100% Responsive. (Mobile/tablet ready)

Since WPThemeGenerator themes are fully responsive you don't have to worry about your site looking weird in different screen resolutions. Your site will work perfect with any screen resolution the less pixel in the screen, the less columns the theme will have. You can choose between responsive mode or fixed mode rith in your dashboard.

You have more than 50 fonts to choose.

We have carefully chosen and included more than 50 fonts (no licenses issues), ready to be used, you will be able to change the fonts of your theme, as well as the colors or size, with only one click, on both headings/titles and normal text.

Create unlimited layouts.

With our framework, you can create unlimited layouts with our layout creator, you can create as many widget areas (sidebars) you want, and add to those areas as many containers you want (images, text, menus, galleries, contact forms, sliders, grid layouts, you name it), which gives you the option of creating countless layouts, with multiple columns and rows.

Download both Wordpress and HTML/CSS.

All themes you create with our generator, can be downloaded on both basic html/css and WordPress, and WordPress version will include all features of our Base Framework and they will be fully responsive.

New design elements and themes added daily.

Everyday, with no exception, we add new design elements (menus, background, shades, patterns, textures and shines) and themes to our collection, so that you have even more options to choose from, and you can come back at any time and change your templates adding our new designs.

Save your own themes, in order to edit or download them later.

You can store the themes you have already created and save them in your online account, so they can be edited or downloaded on the future, themes will be saved on our gallery, and they can be private or public (to be edited or used by other users). Additionally, if you download a saved theme it will be always updated with the latest framework and its features, so all your themes will be always compatoble with the latest wp version.

Upload your own designs and use them on your themes.

1000 pre-made elements are not enough? That's not a problem, you can upload your own menus, your own patterns, your own backgrounds and all the elements of the design you want, and those elements will be added to the Base Framework without losing any functionality; you can even save them to use them on your future themes.

Countless designs but using one single framework.

Our system will allow you to have an unlimited number of templates, each with a different design while the main framework can always be the same, so the base framework is always working and updated for the latest WordPress version; and new features added to the framework will be available on ALL of the themes you have already created, and the ones you create on the future.

All your themes will always work.

Let's say you create a theme today, you save it, and you return in 6 months, it doesn't matter! if you download it on 6 months, it'll work flawlessly and the main framework will be equipped with the last features that were added in those 6 months and also updated for the latest WordPress version.

Up to date themes. (Always)

In every new version release of WordPress there are some functions that are changed and added in order to improve WordPress security and speed. For this reason, we make sure that every time you download a theme, it is updated with the latest WordPress version, so that you don't have to use an old one that may be less secure or slower.

A powerful "Full-of-features" framework.

Even though you can edit your themes from our online tool, we decided to implement a lightway framework that gets downloaded along the themes and helps you to further modify them from the Dashboard. Some of its main features are Dynamic Widgets Areas Creator, Logo Uploader and Slider Customizer among many more.

20 Different sliders/slideshows

Sliders as a great widget that helps site owners to show featured post, related images, advertising, and much more, therefore, every theme you download has its own. There are 20 different sliders that you can use right away, or you can simply not use any slider/slideshow.

Internationalized themes (translatted)

Since Theme Generator is being used for thousands of users all over the world it is crucial for them to have translations available in their own language. Given this we have put a lot of our efforts in creating themes translations. by this time themes are available in 5 different languages, Spanish, English, French, German and Portuguese.

A Contact form ready to be used

Handling and processing users requests in a crucial part of the websites improvement process, however sometimes it gets messy when you just put your email in the contact page given that span may appear. For this reason, every theme you download has implemented a ready to use Contact Form that helps you doing this task, the form has Captcha validation so that you can be sure of only receive real users messages. Additionally you can use popular plugins like Contact Form 7 to create your own forms.

Use modals, buttons, alerts, tabbed menus, tooltips, popovers, submenus, tabs and much more.

Twitter Bootstrap is a very useful library that boosts your interfaces and its so popular nowadays, for this reason we decided to include all it's functionality in our themes so that our themes are loaded with Bootstrap Scripts and Styles and you can start using them right away.

Create E-commerce websites with shopping Cart

Using Theme Generator Themes you can show and sell your products very easy. After Installing your theme you'll see the Products category in your Dashboard, in this category is where you should place the products that you want to sell, just create a post for each product, set the featured image that will be shown, set the price and that's it, you're ready to go. WooCommerce plugin also works with our themes.

Websites ready for testimonials and services, products, photo gallery and more.

Once you create and install your theme, it will automatically add several sections to the dashboard, these sections will let you handle several tasks in a very easy manner. An example of these are the Testimonial and the Services sections which let you publish and organize the feedback gotten from users, and show the services your company offers in a very nice way

Picture galleries with LightBox and categories

If you have had to use an external site to host your images/galleries because you haven't found a fancy way of displaying them, we're glad to tell you that you don't need to do so anymore since our themes has by default a cool gallery that you can use to organize your images. These images are organized by categories, and once clicked are shown in a modal slider. Additionally they have some fancy transitions that you'll love.

Full Support

During the time we've been in the market, we've learnt that offering good support is a vital part of the business. In this 8 years we've refined our communication skills and are able to offer support in any aspect that you need in both English and Spanish.

Create a different layout for each page (if needed).

Although most of the times Themes are thought as a static scheme in which only the content changes, we decided to give users the posibility to change their theme as it is displayed in different pages. From the framwork that is installed in your WordPress Dashboard, you can set a different layout style for each page, giving your users a great variety of designs.

Bootstrap Ready

Theme Generator Themes are loaded with all Bootstrap styles and scripts, that means that you can use in our themes all the features that Boostrap, tables, forms, icons, buttons and much more.

Have access to Shock Family products: Iconshock, DesignShock, Themeshock.

Once you become premium, you have access to our shock bundle: 30.000 Iconshock icons, 300 Themeshock exclusive themes and hundreds of designs from DesignShock. Having therefore all the resources you need to boost your project.

Awesome Magical Layouts.

Display your elements with magical layout, automatized, smart and totally responsive.

WP Theme Generator Now Integrates With WooCommerce

Turn your Wordpress Site in a powerful Ecommerce platform with Woocommerce plugin and WP Theme Generator.

Have Access To Exclusive Themes and premium plugins.

Apart from the themes you create in this Tool, you have the option to download Themes from the Themes Gallery. These Themes are designed by our team so that you can use them for inspiration, or for using right in your projects, also you can download our premium plugins.




Start Here! Create unlimited themes by changing, combining (or uploading) any design element of the theme, then you can save it for later edition and/or download it both in WordPress or HTML/CSS

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Sidebars Layout

Note: This is a demo, you can create as many sidebars you want with our dynamic sidebar creator, which is located in the dashboard (theme option panel). Watch video1, video2

You can upload your designs or even photos here, just keep in mind they should be png's.

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